5G connectivity technical tests at the University of Malaga 2022-April-26-28

University of Malaga (UMA) and CAFA Tech teams conducted the first 5G connectivity technical tests on the campus of the University of Malaga on 26-28 April.

The aim was to test the connection of a CAFA Robot onboard 5G modem to 5G NSA (Non-Standalone) and SA (Stand-Alone) networks and 4K video streaming over 5G NSA and SA networks directly to the CAFA Video Safety Analysis Application (vApp) running on the University of Malaga platform. The CAFA Tech team set up a drone with the same equipment on board as the CAFA Robot (Quectel 5G NSA and SA modem + 4K camera).

The UMA 5G network and 4K video streaming worked perfectly over both the 5G NSA and the SA networks.

The tests were successful and there was a real teamfeeling! Solutions were quickly found and experiences were exchanged on the use of different 5G modems.  On-site tests provide valuable feedback on how the technical components (5G modem, network, robot camera and on-board computer, vApp on the local server, etc.) work together. These tests cannot be simulated because connectivity in practice often differs from that described in the specifications.

Many thanks to the UMA team!


Architecture Malaga Tests

Brainstorming UMA Maria and CAFA Tanel

Technical discussion CAFA and UMA team

Video streaming over 5G NSA

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