5G!Drones Technical tests 3rd Day on COSMOTE premises 2020-Oct-21

21st October 2020 5G!Drones partners CAFA Tech, COSMOTE (part of Deutsche Telekom group), NCSRD Demokritos, Infolysis and Robots Expert successfully completed the 5G! Drones project Usecase4  Day 3 Feasibility tests in Athens at Cosmote premises at OTE Academy.

The UC4 description states that the video stream is transmitted from the stadium to the Cosmote Private edge server, where the video server and CAFA Tech video analytics process and stream the video.

At OTE Academy (which is part of Cosmote), we set up a Control Room from which we managed all activities.

We did:

  1. Set up videoserver and C2 software UGCS into COS Private cloud server (as described in UC4 description). Need for external IP for sharing video stream.
  2. Manual (only vertical) flights for conducting 5G QoS measurements with IPerf and NPerf and NetMonitor application. 5G smartphone Xiaomi was attached to CAFA Tech DJI Mavic Platinum drone. Measurements conducted thanks to Teamviewer application running in onboard 5G smartphone and it was controlled by COSMOTE team in Control Room via Teamviewer. 5G QoS measurements performed at levels: 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m, 30m, 35m.
  3. Manual flight (vertical flight from same position as 1st flight) for conducting video streaming over 5G using Larix Broadcaster application in 5G smartphone Xiaomi which was attached to CAFA Tech DJI Mavic Platinum drone. Larix Broadcaster streams video to videoserver in OTE private cloud and users in Control Room see video stream on the laptop screen using CAFA videoplayer 5Gdrones/direct. Laptop was connected to Cosmote Wifi. Latency was 1.7seconds mainly due to LarixBroadcaster packet preparation protocol.
  4. Automated 5G drone flight take off. CAFA Tech DJI Mavic Platinum drone flight over 5G: 5G smartphone Xiaomi was attached to Remote Controller and C2 software was run in Cosmote Private cloud server which sent mission to the drone and get telemetry from the drone over 5G. The second 5G smartphone Xiaomi was attached onboard the drone and NetMonitor application logged and saved 5G QoS signal strenghts. At same time LarixBroadcaster was run and streams video to Command Center. Flight route: take off and climbing to altitude 30m and then circle flight with diameter 40m.
  5. Important solution: we performed speedtests against LBO (not against Ookla general servers in Greece).

You can watch the screencast video how CAFA Mavic drone performed automated 5G flight http://cafatech.eu/5gdrones/video/2020-10-21%2018-54-24.mp4

Many thanks to the Cosmote team who hosted us and were ready to work until dark in the evening.

It was a special team feeling! Sky is not limit.

VIDEO –3rd Day 5G Feasibility Tests on COSMOTE premises 2020-Oct-21