CAFA Tech 5G Drones


5G!Drones – EU H2020 Project

CAFA Tech participates in the EU Horizon2020 project 5G! Drones (2019-2022). The project will validate 5G services used to support drone business use-cases: Drone delivery, Computer Vision solutions for supporting Police and Rescue operations, 3D mapping, delivery of IoT sensors to temporary positions, Infrastructure inspection, etc.).
The 5!G Drones project will carry out UAV tests on the following 5G Test facilities: 5G Genesis (GRE), 5G EVE (FRA), Aalto X-Network (FIN), Oulu 5G GTN Testbed (FIN).
CAFA Tech leads T4.2 Trials task force..


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 857031

Measurement of 4G/5G network coverage and results in 3D

Flight plan is generated for the drone to fly automatically in certain speed and pattern to cover all points of interests in a certain area/space. Drone equipped with GNSS data and 5G signal strength logger scans the space line by line by physically flying along them until the entire space has been scanned. Results can then be visualize and analyzed in 3D software to get much better insight of the situation compared to mere ground level measurements. Having this information in 3D helps to analyze beam formation shapes, reveal possible coverage problems and to verify the optimal placement of 5G antennae on cell towers.