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Drone´s videos analytics by Computer Vision AI Agent

Drones are very useful for the video acquisition but not very good for processing the data because of the payload restrictions and power restrictions. As long as video can be streamed to a stationary computer vision server, exhaustive analysis can be performed almost in real time. Having a stationary high performance server also allows distribution of the raw and processed video streams to almost unlimited number of clients simultaneously (as opposed to accessing the drone’s stream directly). Additionally, distributing raw video to other processing units can have complementary processing tasks running in parallel. All of the processing does not influence the drone’s operation nor flight time the slightest.

Measurement of 4G/5G network coverage and results in 3D

Flight plan is generated for the drone to fly automatically in certain speed and pattern to cover all points of interests in a certain area/space. Drone equipped with GNSS data and 5G signal strength logger scans the space line by line by physically flying along them until the entire space has been scanned. Results can then be visualize and analyzed in 3D software to get much better insight of the situation compared to mere ground level measurements. Having this information in 3D helps to analyze beam formation shapes, reveal possible coverage problems and to verify the optimal placement of 5G antennae on cell towers.

Drone package delivery providing medicines to COVID-19 quarantine areas

CAFA develops a technical solution for the distribution of small packages in areas of possible COVID-19 virus contamination. Remotely controlled drone can deliver small (repackaged) products like medicines in situations where it is difficult of hazardous to conventionally approach customer’s front door or window. Package can be either dropped, thrown or taken from the top of the drone manually by the customer. Each delivery is followed by the disinfection process by the UV-C device. Changing the battery and adding products to the drone is automated in a level that keeps the drone operator safe from contamination.


5G!Drones – EU H2020 Project

The 5!G Drones project will carry out UAV tests on the following 5G Test facilities: 5G Genesis (GRE), 5G Eve (FRA), Aalto X-Network (FIN), Oulu 5G Testbed (FIN).
Examples of UAV use cases: Drone delivery, Police operation, Automated Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM), Rescue operation, IoT data collection and others.
24th October and 1st November 2019 first tests for sharing drone 5G video over 5G in Aalto University 5G X-network and in Elisa 5G test network were conducted.


Speedtest 5G Elisa Tallinn test network

CAFA Tech conducted first initial tests with DJI Mavic Pro drone and 5G smartphones.

24th October 2019 CAFA Tech tested in Aalto University (Helsinki, Finland) 5G smartphone OnePlus 7Pro.
• Stream upload was: 21 Mbps; ping: 11 ms.

November 1, 2019 CAFA Tech conducted first 5G drone test flight in Estonia 
• Drone: DJI Mavic Pro
• Place: Tallinn, Estonia
• 5G network: Elisa (telecom operator) 5G NSA test network
• 5G smartphone: Huawei Mate 20X
• 4K video streaming application: Larix Broadcaster
• Upstream throughput: 25-47 Mbps
• Ping: 8-10 ms

Main conclusions:
1. Concept – using 5G smartphone for drone- is working.
5G smartphone has main functions without any additional developments costs: 5G communication device+4K video camera+ ca 25MP detailed photos for computer vision and analysing solutions+GPS+ ca 8GB RAM for onboard processing+ applications for doing speedtests etc.
2. DJI Mavic can fly with ca 180gr 5G smartphone.

Aalto 5G smartphone test 24-Oct-2019

5G drone DJI Mavic+Huawei Mate20X speedtest Tallinn

5G Mavic 4K video streaming

5G Mavic on air

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