Remote-controlled and Autonomous Mobile Robot

The robot can be used for both remotely and autonomously.
The main applications of the CAFA RAM robot are:

CAFA RAM is a mobile robot on wheels which can be remotely controlled over 4G/5G or over  WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network). Remote control allows the involvement of employees who are ready to work from home or who need to be quarantined or at risk.

CAFA RAM robot details:

CAFA Technology field of activity

Computer Vision Systems

AI Agents and Deep Learning Neural Networks for robots and drones to provide near real time computer vision capability. CAFA Tech provides complete solutions consisting of both hardware and software.

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3D Analyzer

CAFA Tech 3D Analyzer provides benefits in the following areas:
robot and drone route planning; 5G base station obstacle analysis; planning of IoT sensors and cameras.

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Drones Solutions

CAFA Tech provides automated drone flight solutions for smart cities (medicines logistics, inspection, construction, surveillance etc.). Drones can be remotely controlled over 4G/5G communication.

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CAFA Field

CAFA Field is an application that visualizes the real-time locations of robots and drones and various tasks. It is a platform through which robots and drones can be controlled remotely.

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