CAFA Help Robot

The CAFA Help has 3 different modules:


CAFA Help Robot Disinfection module for disinfection with -UV-C lamps and VHP (Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide) sprayer.

The most important – Robot disinfection reduces the risk of infection for hospital staff. The spread of COVID-19 can be reduced by two main measures: reducing exposure to sick people and disinfecting infectious sites and public places.


Diagnostic module – for receiving COVID-19 samples and interviewing people. CAFA Help supports the testing for COVID-19 and its symptoms (taking throat-swabs, etc.). When performing COVID-19 testing (diagnostics), robots can be used to reduce exposure of medical personnel and people at risk of infection. Healthcare personnels are in direct contact with individuals at the test sites and are therefore most at risk for COVID-19.


Communication module for communication using two-way video (cameras and screens) and two-way audio (microphones and speakers). The robot provides support for both medical staff and patients with remote operations. When communicating with patients, the use of communication robot and telepresence solutions help to reduce the time of direct contact, which helps to reduce the likelihood of infection.

CAFA Help robot details:

Remote control

CAFA Help is a mobile robot on wheels which can be remotely controlled over 4G/5G or over  WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network). Remote control allows the involvement of employees who are ready to work from home or who need to be quarantined or at risk.

The remote control over 4G works with the CAFA Help robot with a latency of approx. 0.3 seconds, which is enough for a human to control the robot close to real time.

Main benefits


The CAFA Help robot can be used in many other social fields. The COVID-19 virus has had severe consequences in nursing homes, where the elderly are at risk, with a significantly higher mortality rate. In care homes, the biggest problem is how to disinfect the premises regularly and how to clean the room where the person with the COVID-19 virus has been.

The CAFA Help robot can also be used successfully in the fight against COVID-19 by disinfecting institutions critical to society and conducting COVID-19 testing. The most important institutions are: hospitals, schools, kindergartens, local government agencies, airports, pharmacies, grocery stores, carehomes, bus terminals etc.

Societal Impact

The CAFA Help remote control solution allows to engage people who have to stay at home due to their quarantine or health condition. These people can work and contribute to society by driving hospital robots over the Internet. All they need is a computer, a gamepad and a microphone, and the Internet connection! The growth of medical services in Europe is continuing as the population ages, and it is therefore important to give those who have so far been excluded from the labor market the opportunity to work remotely.

The use of a remote-controlled robot in CAFA Help Hospital is the first step in connecting robots and humans. Several studies have shown that until an efficient cure against COVID-19 is available, which may take another 12 to 18 months, we will have to get used to living in conditions where restrictions are constantly becoming easier and more severe, as new outbreaks of COVID-19 emerge. In such a society, remote-controlled robots are gaining in importance as quarantines restrict people’s access to their jobs.

CAFA Technology field of activity

Computer Vision Systems

AI Agents and Deep Learning Neural Networks for robots and drones to provide near real time computer vision capability. CAFA Tech provides complete solutions consisting of both hardware and software.

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3D Analyzer

CAFA Tech 3D Analyzer provides benefits in the following areas:
robot and drone route planning; 5G base station obstacle analysis; planning of IoT sensors and cameras.

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Drones Solutions

CAFA Tech provides automated drone flight solutions for smart cities (medicines logistics, inspection, construction, surveillance etc.). Drones can be remotely controlled over 4G/5G communication.

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CAFA Field

CAFA Field is an application that visualizes the real-time locations of robots and drones and various tasks. It is a platform through which robots and drones can be controlled remotely.

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